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K9 Relationship Coach

Helping YOU, have a better relationship with your dog

$30/half hour session

$100/month for 4/half hour sessions

What is a K9 Relationship Coach:

Help clients transition when they adopt, foster or purchase a new dog by giving advice on what products to buy, how to do the transition, telling them what they can expect, what’s normal or not normal, etc.

Clients can ask questions about their dog but don’t want to/or are scared to reach out to a trainer to see what they need to do about their dog, they just want advice before deciding anything

Help clients after they have gone through training, by having weekly video and/or in-person meetings to help keep them motivated and provide reassurance that they are doing the right thing or correcting what they may not be doing right

Point clients in the right direction to get the help they need, advice about tools/supplies needed for their dog

Being a person they can talk to and ask questions about their dog’s behavior

Helping them decide if they should keep a dog or give up a dog.

Dog Walking

$20 for 20-30 minutes

$35 for 50-60 minutes



We believe that every dog should be allowed to sniff while on a walk.  We understand that mental stimulation from sniffing while on a walk is just as important as going to the bathroom or walking. 

When your dog is on a walk with us, we let your dog choose what they want to do. If that means they want to sniff somewhere for 5 minutes, we let them.  We will, of course, do actual walking too. We will walk around the neighborhood and explore the world. 

  • Up to two of your dogs at a time.
  • We let your dog sniff.
  • We make sure your dog is safe and in our control at all times.
  • You will be alerted when we start and end the walk.
  • We will send you a picture with a message about how your dog did on the walk.
  • We make sure your dog has enough food and water.


Q: What do you do on a walk?

 A:  We can walk your dog for the time, we can give food or medicine, we can also just cuddle, play in the back yard, it’s whatever you need us to do. 

Q: What Does mid-day walk included mean?

We include a mid-day 20-30 minute walk in the overnight price at a discounted rate from the walk rate.

Q: My dog is not very friendly, can you work with them?

Yes! I have studied dog training with Catch Canine Trainers Academy, I understand how to talk to dogs and work with them in a positive way to gain trust.  All dogs I work with get to choose if they want to work with me or not, I will never force your dog to do anything it doesn’t want to do.  When dogs work with me, they get to control how things go, this doesn’t mean they can walk all over me, but your dog tells me if we are going to0 fast or pushing them too far and need to take a step back or have a break.

Q: Do you have insurance?

Yes!  We are covered for anything that can happen inside or outside your home while your dog is in our care.

Q: How do I pay?

Everyone is required to create an account with Time To Pet Client Login.  Through Time to Pet, you can pay electronically.  We also will accept checks, cash, Venmo, chase pay if you prefer those methods, though we prefer everything is done in Time to Pet.

Q: What is Time to Pet?

Time to Pet is the software and/or app we use to do everything for Waggy Tails.  You can schedule a service, see our availability, see your open invoices, chat with us through the program, update your pet’s info, vet records, pay for your services.

Q: How will I know you actually performed the service?

Using Time to Pet has many advantages, one of them being that when we show up for a visit, we have to check-in and check out, you will be notified that we have started a visit.  When this happens, a GPS tracking starts, we don’t allow clients to see GPS information unless requested for a specific reason.


What Our Families are Saying

Tom is awesome! I am super picky about my boys and he is outstanding. He is Super conscientious and really cares about keeping the dogs on their normal routine. I have used several services and he’s the best. Plus with his early am and night options I don’t have to worry about gaps in visits. Use him. The end ?

– Lindsey Williams Stanton

My dog Sue is reactive to strangers who come to the house and to dogs, so it took some time to find a walker that she was comfortable with and who could be patient with her. Tom is kind, attentive, and responsive to concerns and he took his time with Sue. Now she looks forward to seeing him for her walks. Finally, the Waggy Tails website is easy to use and a great way to communicate and schedule services.
– Keri Burchfield