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The Waggy Worker Network is designed to help you build your dog walking, petting, sitting, training, grooming – you get it – service by connecting you with Waggy Tails subscribers and dog owners with  Waggy Tails Trusted Partners. All you have to do is apply. Get started now. The only thing you have to lose is business. 

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How to Apply

To apply to the Waggy Workers Network for referrals, please complete the application inquiry form and allow us 24-48 hrs to contact you for follow-up and confirmation of your acceptance. Additionally, request to join our closed group, Waggy Work, so that we can add you upon reviewing and approving your application. You need to request to join the group to have your application accepted, so please do not skip this step

1. Why should I join WWN?

Waggy Walkers Network extends  the visibility of your business and allows you to join an exclusive FB group of workers to pick up gigs for services in your area. If you’re already marketing business on FB, why not get great leads there, too? 

2. Do I need to be on social media to join?

As a part of the application, we need to connect with you via Facebook. This can be a personal page if you are an independent service provider, or a business page if you provide services as a business. This is a required field in your application, which cannot be submitted without it. 

3. Does it cost anything?

No. It doesn’t cost you a penny to join our network. However, Waggy Tails does charge a nominal 10% fee for every accepted job. It’s 10% of your rate for the referral. This also makes sure that you have skin in the game to deliver the value to our trusting subscribers that we expect. EX: 30-min Dog walk – $20. Waggy Tails Fee = $2.00, payable through facebook. 

4. Am I an employee of Waggy Tails?

No, you own and operate your own business separately from Waggy Tails. We are in the business of connecting our loyal and trusting subscribers with qualified and reliable pet people. We also want to help our pet people build their business with great referrals and reviews so that if you’re just getting your feet wet, you’re doing it with the help of Waggy Tails and our experts. Be sure to join our blog!

5. Do I need any certifications?

No, you don’t need certifications. While certifications may qualify you for more premium service requests, they are not required. We do however, monitor customer reviews and field complaints. If our subscribers report a referred worker’s services, it a may be grounds for removal from our network. 

6. Is it okay if I'm just starting my business?

We welcome pet people new and old. Our network is a great way to get more jobs when you’re just starting and to learn how to better qualify your business for premium service requests. 

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