When people find out that I know a thing or two about dogs, I start getting all types of questions.  I am more than happy to help people out, but most of the time, that is the last time that I would talk to them, I would never know if what I said helped or how they are doing now.

What can I offer pet parents as a K9 Relationship Coach?  I can offer you what other coaches in other fields offer: support, guidance and a plan to follow.  

Through my studies and my experiences from buying a dog, adopting a dog, volunteering in a shelter and dog walking and sitting.  I have seen a lot of stuff, heard all types of issues, learned from some of the best in the industry.  My dogs have been great teachers to me about relationships between dogs, dogs who have lots of energy, dogs who are scared, passive and what works and what makes things worse.  

I have been through it, talked to people who have been, learned from colleagues about how to deal with a lot of different situations, here are some ways I can help:

• I can help you if you just adopted a dog, what to expect, what you should do as a pet parent to make the transition smooth.  Adopting a dog isn’t an easy thing to do and both dog and pet parent have to adjust and that doesn’t always go as planned.  I have been through it, I get it, I can make sure you are set up for success for the long haul.  I can let you know what you need to be concerned with or if it’s not a big deal and give suggestions.

• I can help keep you on track after you go through training.  Let’s face it, trainers are busy and sometimes it’s scary to ask them questions because you might feel like it’s a stupid question, or if you finished training to then ask if you don’t know if you are doing it right.  That’s where I can help!  You can ask me questions, I can tell you if you are doing it right and just need more time or tell you how to fix what you are doing.

• We all have had our moments with dogs where we just want to throw up our arms and give up.  It can be very frustrating when in the situation, sometimes it nice to have someone not in the situation to give some non-judgmental input and help.  I get that some trainers are very good at training your dog, but they aren’t always very good at showing compassion or empathy because it’s not going perfect for you.  In all honestly, it never is perfect, it doesn’t always work, sometimes you need to spend more time than the next person, that’s okay!  Your dog isn’t broken or not smart, just like people, dogs learn differently.  Some take longer for some things and some are super quick.  I can help you figure out what works for your dog and keep supporting you and offering encouragement. 

• You just got a new puppy, you thought you knew what to do, what equipment to get.  Once you bring the puppy home, things aren’t going as planned or things aren’t working out like you thought.  I can help you get back on track, help you figure out what you need or don’t need or how to best use what you have.

• You have a dog right now, you decide to buy or adopt another one.  You thought the dogs would be happy, but they aren’t and you don’t know what to do because the dogs are fighting each other and don’t seem to get along.  I can help with this transition, give you tips, offer advice, keep checking up to make sure things are going well.  The adding of another dog to the family doesn’t have to be a bad experience, I can help make it the best it can be.  

My ultimate goal is to help YOU have a better relationship with your dog(s).  I can offer non-judgmental advice and help because I have been through a lot of it, I have personal experience, things haven’t always gone smoothly for me.  I understand the struggles there are sometimes, I know dogs aren’t perfect, just like people aren’t.  Sometimes you just need some help and a point in the right direction, you may just need to know you aren’t crazy or that you dog isn’t crazy!